Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | April 20, 2010

Case Study Review – The Men’s Wearhouse: Success In A Declining Industry

This case study discussed some of the techniques used by The Men’s Wearhouse during the late 1990’s that helped them to be successful through what was a recession. The management team put their people as their number one priority. In an industry where people put their marketing and selling as the focus of the organization, it was unusual for Men’s Wearhouse to place their people as their number one priority.

Currently we are facing one of the deepest economic recessions that we have had in a very long time. With the current situation, it is very common for layoffs to occur and people to be unemployed. This brings up the question of whether or not people are still the most important asset in the workforce. I would like to answer with a resounding YES! People are the source of innovation, customer relations, interaction, and growth. This case pointed out three principles that the Men’s Wearhouse followed that would greatly help people in today’s economy. The three principles are:
1. Maximize the individual’s self-esteem
2. Servant leadership is to listen carefully and to demonstrate understanding
3. Management should ask for help in solving the problem

If each of these principles were followed in today’s economy, we may have not had the recession that we currently have. In line with the first principle, when the individual’s self-esteem is maximized, the collective morale of the organization increases. As the morale increases, it is very important that the people know where to direct their motivation.

In order to direct the motivation in the right way, the second step must be followed. Management must follow the principle of servant leadership. In addition to listening carefully and demonstrating understanding, a servant leader must go and be with the people they lead. By being with the people they lead, they are able to create a stronger working relationship. The leaders are also able to lead by example when they are with those they lead.

The third principle is to ask for help in solving the problem. By taking suggestions from the workforce, the management team can gain additional perspectives. With the additional perspectives, it is possible to make a much more educated decision.

Each of the three principles helps to emphasize the importance of the people within the organization. The people are the most important asset of any organization. The people are the source of the success within the organization. Without the people, the buildings and clothes are just buildings and clothes. People are essential for an organization to function properly.


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