Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | January 3, 2011

Leadership Excellence – Part 1 of 2

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “leadership excellence?”  When I hear the phrase “leadership excellence” I think of leaders that have obtained the highest level of leadership in whatever they are doing.  These leaders have a strong set of values and characteristics that add value to their organization.  Three characteristics found in leaders with leadership excellence are vision, charisma, and innovation.



Leaders with vision have a clear image of the future.  They have a strong set of both short and long-term goals and their vision inspires those around them.  So how do you become a leader with a vision?  Start by setting goals.  Be sure that those around you know what your goals are.  Make goals that require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  As others begin to know of your goals they will be inspired to set their own goals.  By having your own vision of the future, you allow others to have a vision.



Leaders with charisma draw people in and attract listeners.  They have great speaking skills, but even more than their speaking skills, they are great listeners and listen to what others say.  Their listening skills allow them to direct their conversations towards the needs of their listeners.  Some of the most charismatic leaders draw in an entire crowd just by entering a room.  They are the people that speak in such a manner that makes you want to listen.  To become a charismatic leader, practice speaking in public and get feedback from your listeners.  Try to overcome your fears of speaking in public.



In line with both their vision and charisma, leaders that have obtained leadership excellence are innovative thinkers.  They are not afraid to think outside the common norms within their field.  They are also willing to ask questions others are afraid to ask.  There are specific questions that are considered un-discussibles that inhibit innovation and innovative leaders are willing to attack the un-discussibles head on.  They ask the necessary questions to overcome obstacles.  Innovative leaders break down barriers on a regular basis and just consider it to be part of their daily routine.  Leaders use their innovation to impact peoples lives in ways that other leaders have never considered.

Vision, charisma, and innovation are powerful characteristics that lead to leadership excellence. As you develop these characteristics in your own life, you will begin your journey toward leadership excellence.  You will find unexpected doors opening up for you just because you are willing to think outside the box.

What are some other characteristics that are found in leaders with leadership excellence?



  1. Brandon, I enjoyed reading your blog. Leadership excellence is about creating a strong culture. Inspired culture drives prosperity. Inspired leaders
    drive inspired cultures.

    Alberto Galdamez

  2. Welcome Alberto. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that leadership excellence is about to creating a strong culture.

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