Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | March 10, 2012

Weekly Leadership Highlights


This week was a big week for my blogging life. I posted a blog every single day which is something that I have never done before. The blog posts discussed some relevant leadership topics, highlighted leaders in the news and some of the big changes that are happening, and reviewed some of my favorite leadership blogs of the week. As a recap, see the links below!

Know When To Jump Ship – 3/4/2012
In today’s poor economic climate, many companies are doing all they can to stay afloat. Companies are looking for a leader with a vision. They want a leader to take them from a survival state to a strong and vibrant state where they flourish. The leaders that can do this are in high demand. Struggling companies are trying to attract these leaders away from their existing companies. In addition to struggling companies, some successful companies are trying to upgrade with a new leader to stay ahead of the competition.

The Risks Of Promoting Without Giving Raises – Article Review – 3/5/2012
I read the Wall Street Journal article The Risks Of Promoting Without Giving Raises by Paul O. Lopez. This article explained that there are many companies that want to promote their employees even though they are experiencing hard economic times. The companies give the promotion for two reasons: they know the employees will take on the additional responsibilities to help the company and the promotion will boost employee morale. The companies, however, are unable to provide raises with the promotion. There is nothing illegal or inappropriate about doing this.

Leaders, Know Your People – 3/6/2012
Do you walk in every morning and go straight to your office? Once you get to your office, do you focus on responding to all your emails? Then you run from one meeting to the next and before you know it your day is over. Does this happen day after day, month after month? While you were in this routine, did you talk to your employees? Did you ask them how they were doing?

This Week’s Top 5 Leadership Posts – 3/7/2012
I review leadership blogs on a weekly basis, so I decided to highlight five leadership blog posts that discuss relevant leadership topics. Each of the bloggers is an independent blogger and they don’t represent a company or other organization.

Go Wide Or Go Deep – 3/8/2012
In today’s economic climate there are leaders that have very job specific knowledge, while there are other leaders that have a good overview of the company/organization but are great leaders. Each of these types of leaders has their own areas of expertise. The question is, “Which is more important to have to be successful?”

Handle Leadership Adversity With Ease – 3/9/2012
As a leader, you will always face adversity. You will see it from your employees, coworkers, and even from people outside your organization. The real question is, “how will you handle it?” Will you run and hide, find a way around it, or face it head on? As the leader, you must be confident when you encounter adversity because everyone is watching. If you falter or show insecurity, people will lose trust and confidence in you as the leader.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs this week! As always, please leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!


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