Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | May 17, 2012

Investment Chances For Leaders

Guest post – Eric Matthews currently works as a financial advisor is Charlotte, NC. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two children and blogging about different investment options.

A leader’s job is never finished, and a leader’s life is never beyond scrutiny. No matter what sort of leadership role you hold specifically, it is important to fully realize that those who follow you will take all aspects of your life into account as they judge and react to you. This may not be fair, as certain things that you do may be irrelevant with regard to the people you lead – but, like it or not, part of a leader’s natural job description is to be continually scrutinized. With that in mind, you need to be sure that you are very careful with regard to financial investments.

Many people can become experts and leaders in their respective fields and areas of interest, but it is still extremely easy to become negligent or careless with regard to financial investments. This may be more of a personal matter, but it also sets a bad example and can make you seem less responsible overall. So, how can you look to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, and that you invest your money responsibly and with good potential for stability or growth? For starters, you should understand the basics of various types of strategic investments.

• Stocks – The most “basic” form of investment in some sense, it is likely that you are most familiar with stock investments. Essentially, the way they work is that you invest a portion of your money in a publicly traded company, which technically buys you a tiny portion of that company. Then, as the company’s value increases or decreases (as in, the price of stock goes up or down), you will see the value of your investment rise or fall accordingly. The potential returns are dependent upon when you decide to sell back your shares – essentially, this is high risk/high reward.

• Resources – It is also possible to invest in stable resources, rather than companies, if you have different goals in mind for your money. For example, you can look to invest in gold at a site like Bullionvault. Generally, this is done more as a preservation technique than as an attempt to earn gains. Resources like gold do not rise and fall in value in the same way that currencies do, which means that putting your money behind something like gold may protect its value from the potential consequences of economic downturn.

• Real Estate – Another very popular type of investment, real estate is a subject that many investors actually get a good deal of joy out of. Essentially, the idea is to buy and sell (or rent) properties in an attempt to make money on the overall transactions. This is a very direct practice, and some prefer it because it is a bit easier to control than other types of investments.

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  1. Excellent Resource for Investment Ideas! Thank you Brandon!

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