Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | January 26, 2010

Why are the soft skills necessary?

The articles How to get hired and MBA Skills explain what it takes to be a successful professional.  Some people think the only thing that matters is whether or not an individual can come up with the correct solution to a problem.  In the current global economy the solution is very important, but not as important as how well the solution can be sold.  The articles emphasized the importance of having soft skills, but didn’t go into detail on why they are important. 

Why are “soft skills” important?

The following are three reasons why soft skills are important:

  1. The outsourcing in the global economy.
  2. Opening lines of communication.
  3. Creating a comparative advantage

The outsourcing in the global economy

In the current global economy everything that can be outsourced is outsourced.  The labor markets in foreign countries are relatively inexpensive compared to those in the United States.  Due to the cost savings created from outsourcing, jobs within the United States have been lost.  In the current state, employees must have the soft skills to retain their jobs.  The soft skills give the individual workers the advantage over the foreign workers.  The soft skills bring the product or service to life and help to develop loyalty.

Opening lines of communication

In a world of networking, the ability to effectively communicate, both verbal and written, opens lines of communication.  Once a line of communication has been opened, it is essential that the communication is professional, ethical, and courteous in order to continue the business relationship.  When the communication is not professional, it detracts from the service or product that is being sold. 

Creating a comparative advantage

Customer loyalty is a major comparative advantage that companies can obtain.  One major contributor to customer loyalty is the level of customer service and customer satisfaction.  Effective communication is essential in providing customer service. 

High level managers are also able to create their comparative advantage through their communication with investors and stake holders.  They are also able to distinguish themselves from their competition through their professional communication.  On the other hand, poor soft skills can eliminate the comparative advantages of the services or products.



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  2. […] meeting him and my coworkers. At each meeting he told everyone how important it was to have provide customer service. He would also stress the importance of following all the other rules. Once the meeting was over he […]

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