Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | March 2, 2010

Get Rid of the Performance Review

The main point in the article was that performance reviews are a waste of time and don’t promote progress within an organization. I agree with some of his points but disagree with others.

It is true that a performance review is completely ineffective when the boss doesn’t give the employee any specific targets/goals for performance. When the boss just does a performance review on abstract principles and not on concrete metrics, it is an ineffective performance review.

On the other hand, when an employee has a very specific job description with very specific tasks, such as a factory worker, a performance review can be very effective. When the employee has a set of responsibilities that are clearly outlined, it is very easy to do a performance evaluation. Either the employee completed their work or they didn’t and there isn’t much room for interpretation. For an evaluation system to be very effective, the metrics need to be very specific for both the evaluator and the person being evaluated.


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