Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | March 29, 2010

Evidence-Based Management Case Review

This case was very interesting to me. In the case there were three points that stuck out to me. The points that stuck out were:
1. Demand evidence.
2. Examine logic.
3. Treat the organization as an unfinished prototype.
When each of the points is followed, the organization will be on its way to progress towards becoming an evidence-based organization.

When it spoke about demanding evidence it really made me think about how the organization can be bettered when changes are based in concrete evidence. It explained the importance of having relevant evidence. The evidence must come from data and experimentation from within the company. It is very interesting how often companies will change policies or systems on a whim just because something worked for someone else. The new policy may not have been tested in their company and when it actually gets to the time that it is tested, sometimes it fails.

In talking about the logic behind the evidence, it is very important that the experiments that are done are accurate. They must use correct methods to test changes. They can’t go off of existing procedures and fit the numbers to make the procedures look good when in fact they really don’t. Accurate experimentation that follows a logical evaluation is essential.

For any organization to flourish, they must continue to change. The managers must be flexible to doing new practices when they are proven effective. If an organization gets stuck in a rut and fails to change, they will find that they are falling behind the competition.


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