Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | April 6, 2010

For Lt. Withers, Act of Mercy Has Unexpected Sequel: Article review

This is an amazing article. It was about an army lieutenant that made an impact during World War II. As an African American Army Lt., John Withers was a by the book leader that did everything by the rules. When he was in the army, there was strong segregation. Because of the segregation, the African Americans were watched very closely. John Withers was very diligent in doing everything right.

When two prisoners were released from one of the concentration camps, he made the decision to go against protocol and serve them. There are some important lessons that can be learned from Lt. John Withers.
1. Stick to your values at all costs.
2. Teach those you lead by your actions as well as words
3. Learn from the past

Lt. Withers knew the rules for the army and he did everything he could to follow them. He did not, however, compromise his values when it came to the rules. When first approached about harboring refugees, he was not going to allow it so he would be upholding the rules, but when he saw the condition of the refugees, he decided to help them. To him it was more important to save a life than follow the rules, so that is what he did.

Lt Withers constantly led his soldiers by his example. He also led his family and children by example. Because his example was so powerful, he was able to teach by words as well. His words were able to change those he came in contact with.

Lt Withers was able to take the lessons from his WWII experiences and teach his children. He learned from the past and constantly worked to share those lessons with his children so that they too could learn.


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