Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | April 11, 2010

Article Review: Good Leadership Requires Executives to Put Themselves Last

This article shows what leaders of today must do. In today’s world, there are so many people out there willing to deceive others to make a quick dollar. This is especially sad because in the past the motto of society that a man’s word was his bond. Now it is getting to where a person’s word means almost nothing. In order to be a good leader it is essential that the leader is honest and forthright.

In this article, Michael Leven understood the importance of honesty. The other leaders he associated with did not understand the importance or value of their word. Michael Leven realized that in order to be a good leader he had to put the shareholders first. He even lost his own money by putting the shareholders first. His example was a good example to follow because he put others first.

In a leadership role it is very important to put others first. It is also very important to be a servant leader. Leaders are not better than the followers; they are just at a different spot on the same journey. The leaders should have the attitude that they are there to help others to succeed. The leader is successful when their followers are successful. With this approach, the leaders are there to serve there followers. By serving others, they must put themselves last to be successful.


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