Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | May 6, 2010

Change in Leadership

In the business world change is constant. The change that has the biggest effect on the employees is the change that involves management. Whether it is someone new to leadership or someone that has been in leadership for a long time, change is always a challenge within an organization. When a new leader comes into or is moved within an organization, they bring new rules, quirks, and viewpoints. Even though each leader has their own personality and leadership style, there are a few approaches that seem to be similar amongst many leaders. There are two approaches I have experienced in my career from many different leaders that seem to have a significant impact on the morale of the employees.

The first approach is that of the micromanager. The micromanagers have the tendency to jump into a new system and make it into their own without learning the existing system first. They are change drivers. They take the approach that every system needs to be fixed, so they will fix it. These types of leaders have a hard time seeing the positive aspects of the existing system. From what I have seen, these leaders have a tendency to rub people wrong in the beginning. With time the subordinates get used to their new leader and their leadership style. Those who are under this type of leader, either learn to work with them or go on to different positions.

A second approach is that of the leader that learns the system and then makes changes. These leaders are focused first on the people within the system and then on changing the system. They spend sufficient time learning the existing system so that they have the trust of the people within the system. Once they have gained trust, they can effectively change the system with the support of the people within the system. These leaders seem to be more liked by those they lead than the leaders who go in trying to change everything right off the bat. These leaders gain the support of their subordinates and then have help in changing the system.

Although both leadership styles are needed for specific systems, the second approach seems to be the more people friendly approach. People tend to react more openly to change driven by management that is also open to ideas.



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