Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | January 8, 2011

Four Steps To Get People To Work For You As Leaders

At some point or another every leader has had the challenge of getting people to work hard for them.  This can be very challenging when each person has their own agenda for the group.  As leaders, the goal is to get everyone working together as a team.  The following are four steps to get everyone on the same page before a project begins.

  1. Build trust
  2. Clarify the big picture
  3. Establish the vision
  4. Identify project success benefits. 

Build Trust

It is next to impossible to get anyone to do anything for you if they don’t trust you.  Before you can get anyone to work for you, you must build a degree of trust with them.  One of the quickest ways to build trust is to help them know that you care about them and their success.  You must show and have a genuine desire to help them succeed.  If you don’t have this desire on your own, know that if they succeed, it will make you look good as the leader.  Do everything you can to overcome your own pride and selfish desires, so you can be a caring leader that develops trust with those you lead.  If you don’t overcome your pride, it will lead to problems in accomplishing the established goals.

Clarify the Big Picture

Once you have built trust with those you lead, the next step is to help them understand the big picture.  Let the people know what the big picture is and how they fit in.  By seeing the big picture, they will feel more important in their individual roles.  Creating a big picture understanding not only helps the people working for you, but it also will help you as a leader to clarify the your role in the project.  It will establish accountability amongst you and those you lead.

Establish the Vision

The big picture is “what” needs to be done overall, whereas, the vision is “why” it will be done in line with future goals.  Once the big picture has been clarified, you must help those you lead understand why their responsibilities are important to the vision for the future of the company.  Your explanation will help them to catch the vision.

Identify Project Success Benefits

Once everyone understands their role, you must identify the long-term benefits to the team members for the success of the project.  Whether it is a pay raise, bonus, promotion opportunity, greater job security, or some other benefit, the team members will have a clear picture of what’s in it for them.

Getting people to work for you can be a major challenge when not everyone is on the same page.  These steps will help you to get everyone on the same page.  These steps will help minimize the challenges and overcome obstacles, so that everyone will work hard and get the job done.



  1. Great blog Brandon. I think trusting one another is vital to accomplishing anything. Without trust, there is no sense of belonging to a team. Trust is at the core of all great leaders and their people. Thanks Brandon.


  2. Thanks Bert! I agree with you that trust is of the utmost importance. I appreciate your comment. Thanks, Brandon.

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