Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | February 7, 2011

Don’t Stop Learning Leaders!

Many leaders in the work force have worked for a very long time.  Some of these leaders begin to become very complacent and think to themselves, “Technology was not nearly as prevalent when I started my career and we got along just fine.  And besides the industry hasn’t changed that much in the last 20 years, why do I need to get involved in technology?”  Technology, if used properly, will change your position in the business world.  
Know the Trends Instantly – Smart Phone Technology
Smart phone technology will help you be informed of trends occurring in your industry.  You will get up to the minute information about industry changes so you can properly adjust your business.  The more you know about the industry the more you can adapt to keep your company on pace with your competitors.  
Meet Customer Needs Faster – Company Websites
Technological advances help to ease the order process for customers.  Internet websites allow customers to place orders for products whenever they are looking at your products.  Customers no longer have to wait until normal business hours to place orders.  Instead they can place orders whenever they are looking at your website.  Customers also have a tendency to buy more impulsively when it is just a click of the mouse.  
More Efficient Use Of Time – Process Automation
Many of the advances in technology are aimed at reducing turn-around time in operations.  Technology can also be used to automate many processes in operations from the supply chain to call response.  Automation reduces the potential for human error, leads to greater productivity, and creates a higher level of traceability.  Traceability is especially important in a time when everyone has to have proof of what they did and when they did it.
Although these suggestions seem to be obvious to many, I still see people and companies in the business world that haven’t caught on.  The companies that have caught on have greater productivity and greater availability to customers



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