Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | February 9, 2011

Keeping Perspective As Leaders

As a leader it is very important to keep perspective.  If we lose perspective, we are bound to fail.  The following are three ways to keep everything in perspective.

Learn from the past. It is essential that we look to those who have gone before us and review both their successes and failures.  We must also take time to review what we have done in our own lives and the outcomes.
Live in the present. We must retain our focus on the things we are doing.  We can’t get sidetracked daydreaming about our past accomplishments or the things we hope to do in the future.  We must stay focused on the things we are working on right now so we can be successful.

Prepare for the future. As we learn from the past and live in the present, we must always be preparing for the future.  We must have our own vision of what we expect for the future and live our lives so it can be attained.

What are some things you do to keep perspective in your life?



  1. Way to go, Brandon! So much to like about this video. Just showed it to a student as encouragement to get started doing something similar. Keep it up! Bret

    • Thank you Bret! I really appreciate all your help in getting into the video. I am working on my next video and I should have it out in the beginning of next week. Thanks, Brandon

  2. fantastic

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