Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | March 10, 2011

How Far Can You Stretch Yourself?

Over the last few weeks I have not been able to blog as frequently.  I am in my final semester of the MBA program at University of Nevada – Reno.  During the last two weeks I had midterms.  Life was very hectic as I studied a lot to prepare for the tests.  As I studied I learned a lot from the class material, but what was even more valuable was that my tests forced me to stretch myself.  As I pushed myself, I realized I was able to do more than I thought.

Every so often it is very good to push yourself beyond what you feel you are capable of handling.  As you push yourself, you are stretched and grow in your ability to handle life’s challenges.  You also learn a lot about yourself.  You learn a about patience, perseverance, and dedication.

When you push yourself to your limit, you need to be careful not to do it for too long of periods of time because it will cause burnout.  Once you burn out, you are no longer effective and begin to waste time and effort.

How far can you push yourself?  What is your limit?


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