Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | June 6, 2011

You Can Be Exceptional

There are many people in the world that settle for mediocrity.  They become complacent in their current state and stop striving to be better.  Different people hit this state at different times in their lives, but it is a state that will be hit by everyone unless they actively work against it.

So what does it take to be exceptional?  There are three qualities I have seen in the exceptional people I know.  Those qualities are the following:  an unrelenting desire to become your very best self, hard work ethic, and dedication.

Becoming Your Best Self – In fighting off the desire to be complacent, it is very important to constantly work to improve yourself.  There are many ways you can work to improve yourself.  All self improvement starts with goal setting.  It is important to regularly set goals and review your progress.  Once you have set goals, you should regularly ask for feedback and do personal review sessions.  As you set goals with the view of becoming your best self, you will begin making progress in the right direction.  Progress may be slow at times, but you cannot lose sight of your objectives.

Hard Work Ethic – There is no substitute for hard work.  With your goal, you must do everything within your power to accomplish it.  There are many people who work very hard but not effectively.  To be successful, you must work both hard and smart at the same time.  When you set a goal, you must understand that you will have to work hard and forgo opportunities for fun, relaxation, or other types of enjoyment in order to accomplish the long-term goal.  You must also be willing to go the extra mile when necessary to accomplish the goal.

Dedication – In line with a hard work ethic, you must also be dedicated.  When you work hard, you must be dedicated and willing to make sacrifices to reach your goals.  The dedication of those who are exceptional is such that they are willing to stick to the goal through thick and thin.  When things get difficult and you begin to face challenges you cannot give up easily.  You must continue to be dedicated.

As you strive to be exceptional, you must try to become your best self, work hard, and be dedicated or you will fall into the trap of complacency.  Complacency is a very common attribute in those who are not successful in reaching their goals.

What attributes have you seen in exceptional people?



  1. Got it! Thanks a lot again for hpeling me out!

    • Welcome Justice! Glad I could help you. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thanks, Brandon

  2. That’s ralley shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

    • Welcome Lanette! I am glad you enjoyed the post! Please come back and visit frequently. Thanks, Brandon

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