Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | June 21, 2011

Maintaining Humility Through Success

Recently, I had the opportunity to eat lunch with an influential person I know.  She has had a lot of success throughout her career, but she has managed to keep her humility.  She is very approachable and maintains a down-to-earth persona.  That got me thinking about what it takes to maintain humility as you see success in your career.

In order to maintain your humility, you should regularly remind yourself of where you came from and the progress you made as to get where you are now.  Although you may currently be very successful, you may not have always been.  There were probably leaders that helped you on your path to success.  Remember how you felt when they helped you and the appreciation you felt towards them.  They were probably very successful, but they still helped you to reach your goals.

When you think of success, be humble enough to realize that set your own definition of success which isn’t the same for everyone.  While you may currently be successful in your own eyes, success is in the eye of the beholder.  Success is measured differently by each person.  Keep that in perspective.  Just because you enjoy what you define as success, it doesn’t mean that others aren’t enjoying what they define as success.  Each person determines their own goals and when they reach them, they feel successful.

In order to maintain humility, you must keep perspective at all times.  Once you realize that success is a personal definition, you will understand that you are no better than anyone else who obtains their definition success.  You are both successful, you just were on different paths and had different goals.

How do you maintain humility when you are successful?



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  2. this essay helped me very much
    thank you brandon w jones

    • Welcome Shreenivas! I am glad that this essay was helpful to you.

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