Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | January 6, 2012

Life’s Tranistions

Over the last little while I have been completely out of the blogosphere. In October, I received a job promotion with my current employer and moved from Northern Nevada to Southern California. I was promoted from a design engineer to a supervisor over engineering.

The whole process of moving and getting situated in a new location has been very time consuming. It has taken a lot of time to figure out my new routine and how to effectively use my time to get everything done that I did in the past. Overall, it has been a great learning experience. It has challenged both my family and myself but through it we have learned a lot and grown closer together as a family.

During this transition period, I have not kept up on my blog. I am now situated and plan to resume blogging regularly. I am already in the process of writing another post that be up shortly. Thank you to all you who follow me regularly.



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