Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | February 6, 2012

Blog Writing For a Busy Audience

What does it take to keep people reading your blog?  In a world with leaders blogging about leadership and other topics on a regular basis, how do you keep your blog relevent?  I have seen three suggestions to keep your blog relevent. 

First, write good content!  Of all the blogs out there, why does your blog stand out?  What is your niche?  How do you keep people coming back to read more?  The most powerful tool you have to keep your audience coming back is your content.  You should know what you are talking about.  Your content should be relevent and well thought out.  If you don’t have good content, people will stop reading before they even start.  As part of having good content, it should also be written well.  Be sure to proof read everything before you post it.  Little mistakes in grammar and spelling will be overlooked by most readers if they occur on an infrequent basis.  If, however, those mistakes happen consistently, it will turn away readers even if you have good content.

Second, keep it short and sweet!  I read blogs regularly and if a blog is too long, I stop reading it because I have too many other things I need to do.  People are very busy and don’t have time to read a new lengthy blog everyday.  I have heard many recommendations that you should keep each blog post to 250 – 500 words and I totally agree.  You can go over 500 words, but you must have good content to keep the reader’s attention.

Third, post regularly!  Once you get a following, you must keep you audience coming back.  You can do this by posting regularly.  You must pick a frequency and stick to it.  You shouldn’t post so much that you sacrifice good content, but you shouldn’t post so infrequently because you want good content that you don’t keep your readers coming.  It must be a good balance.

As you blog, you will find the style that best fits your audience and writing style.  What recommendations do you have to keep an audience following you on your blog? 

Please comment in the comment section below!  I really appreciate your feedback!



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