Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | April 27, 2010

Article Review: Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves

The article spoke about the importance of changing yourself before you encourage others to change. I am a strong proponent of changing from within first and foremost. People are always talking about change. People are always trying to change others. It is very easy to find all the faults and mistakes in others while it is more difficult to find areas to change yourself.

Some of the best leaders are the servant leaders. They have a great ability to change first and then expect others to change. I am continually trying to be a better servant leader. A true servant leader does two things. First, they lead by example and change themselves and then they humbly help others to change themselves.

In order for a leader to change, they have to initially realize they are doing something wrong. In order to figure out change areas, it is very important for the leader to get feedback from others. There are times that I have been frustrating someone else and I didn’t know it until I received their feedback. Feedback is essential.

Once someone has changed themselves, they can then help others to change. Personal testimonials are one of the biggest marketing tools used today. Testimonials effect people in a special way. When people hear testimonials, they feel like “if they can do it, so can I”.

The article mentioned ten points to help develop change. The points are listed below.

1. Seeks to Create an Emergent System
2. Recognizes Hypocrisy and Patterns of Self-Deception
3. Personal Change Through Value Clarification and Alignment of Behaviors
4. Free Oneself From the System of External Sanctions
5. Develops a Vision for the Common Good
6. Takes Action to the Edge of Chaos
7. Maintains Reverence for the Others Involved in Change
8. Inspires Others to Enact their Best Selves
9. Models Counterintuitive, Paradoxical Behavior
10. Change Self and System


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