Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | April 27, 2010

Article Review: Sounds Of Silence

As this article pointed out, there are many times when organizations don’t create an environment that is conducive to constructive criticism. What does it take to set up a system that encourages feedback from the employees to the management? What can be put in place within a system to eliminate the system communication barriers? Is it possible to have a strong leadership team within an organization and still be able to have the good communication from the bottom up?

I think that the answer is yes. It is possible to have good communication from the bottom up if the right system features are in place within a system. One system feature that could be put in place to facilitate the communication from the employees to management would be management forums. During the management forums, the employees would be able to ask questions of the middle and upper level management teams.

The management forums would be somewhat effective for the employees that were willing to speak up, but its effectiveness would be limited. Another approach that would be more effective would be to set up a system where the managers go amongst the employees on a regular basis. The managers should meet with the employees on a one-on-one level. The managers would take suggestions from the employees and use their suggestions to change the system. In order for this system to work, the managers would have to be held responsible for their responses to the employees.

Allowing the employees to have power to change the organization would help an organization to succeed. If any of you that follow my blog have any suggestions of ways to promote feedback, please let me know.



  1. Thank you,
    this post is very interesting..
    i got a lot of inspiration from this post to do something ,i got advice from my friend to read this post (its really helpful) , i may come again to read your other post

    • Thank you for letting me know that. I hope you come back in the future. Best of luck with whatever you are going to do!

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