Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | January 18, 2012

Want Something For Free?

Want a free iPad?  Want a free laptop?  You deserve the good things in life!  You are entitled to the best because if anyone deserves it, you do.   In the past few years, I have heard more and more people arguing that they are entitled to things.  People claim entitlement for everything you can think of ranging from government support to jobs to the best entertainment.  There is a major trend of people feeling they deserve free things like iPods, iPhones, computers, laptops, TVs, etc.  There are so many people that feel they deserve the good things in life without putting forth the hard work and effort required to obtain them.

What’s worse is that people feel that, just because they breathe air, the world owes them the very best.  Entitlement is the idea of getting something for nothing.  There is an ever increasing thought that, “If everyone else has the latest and greatest, I should too.  I, however, should get it for free because I am entitled to it”.

All leaders everywhere need to stand up and teach the importance of hard work.  People need to learn how to do good old-fashion hard work to earn what they want out of life.  When someone is willing to work hard and put in their time, they can achieve whatever they want.  Dreams are realized when people work hard with a goal.  A major benefit of hard work is the sense of accomplishment.  People who work hard to achieve a goal and are successful in achieving it are much more satisfied in life.  They understand that hard work will always pay off.  It doesn’t always pay off in the exact way you expect, but it always pays off.

When I grew up I was very fortunate to have great examples to teach me hard work.  My parents, athletic coaches, teammates, and coworkers all taught me how to work hard.  They also showed me the benefits of hard work.  I am so grateful for the examples they set for me as they showed me the way to work hard.

What have you been able to achieve through hard work?  Why is hard work important to you?

Please share your thoughts and comments.


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