Posted by: Brandon W. Jones | February 19, 2012

The Power of Blogging in Leadership!

To be a good leader, you must have conviction in what you want to do and the stance you take on different issues.  In many cases, beginning leaders don’t have strong convictions because they are new to leadership.  Those convictions develop over time through trial and error, or as they study examples from other leaders.  Writing down your thoughts can also be very beneficial in the development of your convictions.  A blog is a perfect platform for this.  The following video helps explain the power of blogging when developing your convictions.

As you blog, you will develop your own thoughts on how to handle different situations.  Blogging will force you to take a stance on the topics you write about.  As Seth Godin and Tom Peters stated, blogging will refine your thoughts and help you in many ways.  Blogging will also help you develop expertise.  I really like that they said, “If you aren’t good at blogging, blog anyway and you will get good.”  They further explained that when you start blogging you may not have many followers, but as you continue to blog you will gain followers and develop expertise.

I have been blogging for about two years and have gained many followers during that time.  When I started out, I wasn’t very serious about blogging, so I didn’t post very many times per month.  As a result, I had less than 100 hits in the first three months combined.  The last several months I have gotten 100 hits in the first few days.  I still don’t have the following that many other bloggers have, but my following increases every month.

How has blogging help you develop as a leader?  Please comment in the comment section below!


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